I'm 22yo male and I've been told I'm an 8/10. I'm a virgin and have literally had no experience with kino and kissing etc.

I matched a girl on tinder that is super hot and has a great personality with common interests to me and all. On the first date we met at a coffee shop. I didn't even use any kino on her but we talked, I know she could sense my nervousness and she was holding the convo at times. She was throwing hints that she wanted me to hang out with her over the weekend because she was going to be at her house alone because her parents were gone for the time. I texted her the next day after the date and she was texting back and wanting to have a convo. She asked what I was doing the next day and I told her I was busy. I didn't talk to her for two days and sent her a pic of margarita stuff and I said margaritas tonight? She said yessss with the smiley face with hearts. And pushy me said cool, let's do your place address. She said back lol she wishes and she had to study. I told her haha such a brat and that it was just going to be a study date and she said haha yeah right. Then I said yep.

Should I open up to her telling her im inexperienced and tell her I know i came across as too pushy and maybe she'd let me hang and I could practice kino, kissing and possibly sex? Once I get that down I'd be more conformable and I would in all be all be to game better?