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    Default whats my next move with first meet with a girl after 1 year silence

    so last weekend I went to an engagement party for a cousin 150miles away up in Birmingham uk. 1 year ago prior to this event I was chatting to a girl on pof, got on really well and chatted a lot over a 1-2 month period and never met so it just fizzeld out and we stopped talking.

    anyway small world that it is she was at the same engagement party and not only that but she is a best friend to my cousin

    we got introduced we both had been told earlier in the day that the other was going as my cousin had mentioned who was going and she had recognised my pictures and he had great fun in telling me she was there

    we littraly spent all night chatting sometimes even away from the party if it was a date id say it was going really well. then she dropped the "im really enjoying youre company tonight, but I am currently seeing someone" it was only about 6 weeks in. but she had told guests there which had included family when asked that we seemed to be getting on well that" its really bad timing coz ive just started seeing someone" then we left eachother at the end of the night and 18 months time will be the wedding. think there was definatly somnthing there and she was trying to hard to behave coz of this guy shes seeing, but she was awesome and now I dunno weather to persue it or let it go?

    do I facebook add her?, message her?, ask my cousin to let me know if she says anying and/or stops seeing this guy?

    we live 50miles apart so im not likely to bump into her anytime

    help appreciated guys

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    Default Re: whats my next move with first meet with a girl after 1 year silence

    I don't encourage people to try to break up other relationships.

    Basically you're going to make her a long fuse, you do your thing and keep her as an option sometime in the future.

    So yes, tell your cousin to keep you posted, add her on facebook, and occasionally ping her.

    Basically, the facebook add is so she still sees you and can think about you here and there. Meanwhile, like every 2 weeks you send her a cool picture or something innocent about how exciting your life is and whats up with her. Just so you stay in her radar and can re-lite the fuse when the opportunity comes up.

    Plus the distance factor, it would be really hard to get her to commit to meeting you meanwhile, its not like you can have an innocent coffee or something, so she's unlikely to make that big of a commitment while she has someone else.

    Good luck man, just play it slow for now. Lots of relationships don't last long.
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