I have been reading some books instead of getting my ass out there and talking to girls. I know I am making things worse. Whatever, I summed
what I've been learning. Do you think I skip anything, have something wrong with the steps below? Or Do you have anything to add? Thanks in advance.

Make a good introduction using your body language, pull your shoulders down. Take wide steps. Keep your
head up. Dont over think about this. Instead of focusing on the income, focus on expresing yourself better.
Do these to send "dominant alpha male" messages.

Open the girl talking about something impersonal. First, give positive body language facing her with your
hips, shoulders and feet. Keep your chest still and turn your feet away like you are about to go. Turn your
shoulders a little away too. Use this push-pull technique until she gives some IOI's. Attraction is based on body language.

When she gives IOI's, she is attracted. Now its her turn to qualify herself. Make an assumption :
"I guess you are popular." Then follow with "Tell me three things, what are your BEST three qualities?"
Then accept her answer.

Seek for Rapport Topic
Ask her what she did before she came here. If she is like "I went to bowling with some friends, its was really good. Then I had books to study and a list to buy from market. Then here I am talking to you" Don't choose "bowling", instead do the
unexpected and build your rapport on "shopping in the market"

Rapport Building
1-Accept the topics she gave, choose one.
2-Describe what you feel in this experience
"whenever I go to a market, I feel like .. bla bla " something that can trigger emotions. Then ask her if it makes sense.
3-When I was a kid ..
Say "When I was a kid, I would .. .. " something like that. Ask if she can imagine.
4- Link it to present
Say "every time I go to a market, I remember those days and feel like I can still feel the same feelings. .."
5- Ultimate Confirmation > " Can you imagine that?"

If you get a yes or nodding, then you succeeded in rapport.

Use kino escalation. While talking, use your stomach so your voice will be deeper. Blink slowly.
Make a NLP triangle, look at her right eye, left eye then her lips, repeat. Talk slower, touch a lot.
When she looks at your lips, touch her hair. If she is OK with that, go for the kiss.