Sup guys,

Just a couple of things
Like most people here, i've been scouring this forum to cherry pick those useful threads to basically compile a decent amount of information and material to sarge with.

I realise that the artistry in becoming a top PUA lies in fine judgment and generally being cocky, witty and confident as you cannot simply mentally prepare yourself for every set you encounter, no matter how much you prepare.

That being said, would it be possible to outline the best 'whole' routine or the general patter of getting a girl back to hers or your place?Something enough to remember and progress through, but not too much that it puts you off your game as your trying to remember useless lines and scenarios?
e.g Opener, teasing + kino then tell stories to build rapport, look for IOIs, number close... etc. Speak slowly and confidently

Also, after looking through a fair amount of threads i've come across contradicting results. Is it okay to compliment a girl as an opener or mid-set? Some people say this essentially 'puts the ball in the HB's court' or it can be a good way to show your interest in said HB. To me it just seems there is too many differing opinions on how things like compliments are perceived, leaving the whole game a bit confusing as you do not know where you stand when you are thinking about paying a compliment for example and interfering with your game.