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    Default How to handle this situation?

    Hey guys, I'm inexperienced and unsure of what to do next with this girl.

    I was at a college bar and photo bombed a group of girls. I got one of them to send me the pic, she handed me her phone for me to put my number in and I made the contact name "cutie". I literally talked to her for 20 seconds and told her I had to go. I texted her an hour later saying. It's James, I'll catch ya later. She texted back instantly saying hey babe where r u? I tried to meet up but it didn't happen because I left. She wanted me to meet her at applebees at 1am.

    She hit me up the next day saying hahaha hey cuite.

    Had a short convo I was teasing her. Turns out she's home with her dog for the weekend and. She sent me a pic with her dog and I said I said wish I could hang out with you two cuties. She knew I was out and couldn't hang that night.

    She hasn't hit me back. Should I try to warm her up via text and go in for a hookup at her place or go straight for a date in her area?

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    Default Re: How to handle this situation?

    Going up for a date in her house is a little bit too aggressive. Sent her a couple of flirty texts and then set up a meet. However, don't go way over you way just to be with her, it's wrong.

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