Last night I was in the fast lane but dang missed a 3 set of 10's due to AA cuz I was not "warmed up" man I suck. So I went to this super classy club where a hot bartender was working. I saw a herd of chicks come out of another classy club gonna try that one next time.

So I talked to the bartender but damn it was hard to make a connection cause I could barely hear her. I talk to bartenders a lot but this place is wild. Anyway she was checking me out and then said "don't kiss me" and gave me the look of death when I kissed her arm but I was on a R oll and this was after I made out with a hot chick plus I am just starting to kiss on chicks more. Like I always kiss my friend bartender's hand. Now I am kissing on the cocktail waitresses neck. I am just getting away with it? Except for the new bartender who told me no but she was checking me out and she seemed all bored when I didn't show up. Now she is bored again saying to come back man I am confused!!

Also the 9's friend I picked up last night said I am "not allowed" to be average and I have to "be a good guy" wth. Well I told her strait up I am gonna fark her silly and I normally don't act this sexual so I am guessing that is me being different. Not sure how I am gonna play it but I am in love with the bartender and my rotation is getting out of control. Why do I always fall for the biggest challenge. In other words it wasn't a full attraction signal so I am thinking the bartender doesn't like me?? Am I right but why does she stare at me and then act lonely and bored when I don't show??