So I met this chick out last weekend. I used to go up and spit a lot of words to make things work but I dunno my game is changing. So I was there working on the bartender and things weren't going over so well. I mean I broke a couple glasses in shock when I met the bartender and then never could talk to her. So I seen a 9 enter earlier in my proximity. "Knew it" I thought.

Go up put my arm around here without saying much and it was kinda sloppy but I ended buying them shots which normally I don't do. The interaction just hit an impasse. So I got shots cuz I was thinking I want this chick's number.

So go back take a shot and start kissing her neck and get her number. Then I made out with her. When she left I told her I wanted to fark her brains out. Well she laughed and then called me an 1 hour later!! No chick calls you at 2 am folks so I lost my window to hookup with her me thinks.

But well today I had a fight with a chick for like 10 hours about blocking her on FB and was cursued out with colorful imagery. So I unblocked her to see if she would block me. Then she switched back to normal!? After 10 hours of ripping my head off and then boom like Magic she is back to being a peach again. So I realized the emotional connection women make is so severe they can say the worst possible stuff but 5 minutes later go back to being a Princess. So now I think there is more hope for situations even when I screw up. I noticed after all these fights I am recovering. I had another fight with the Cocktail Waitress and she is calling me her love again? So I tons of chicks on rotation but back to this chick.

So I am going NC a couple days and called to make sure I wasn't blocked and left her a VM. Well I told her I wanted to hookup next I called. I feel like she wanted to hookup and I turned her down so to recover I think pull the same stunt and call her when I get faded and ask for a hookup but this time do it. I don't feel like dating will work cuz she initiated the hookup calling thing.

So my plan is on the weekend send her a text hey sexy beast I am gonna wanna bang your brains out tonight once I get faded. Then call her at like 12 or 1 am? Good plan? Basically a booty call but never done it before so it'll be my first one. Will it work?