This one is kind of weird. Maybe because girls are weird.

Started talking to a chick I met online for a few weeks, we finally meet in person a couple of days ago. I felt really awkward and tired, but she didn't seem to mind. We hugged, held each other (it was cold out), and then she goes home. I could tell she wanted me to kiss her on the 1st date, but I'm not comfortable with PDA, especially if we're loitering in a deli to stay out of the wind.

We meet today for the 2nd date, and she seems depressed. She apparently has a bunch of personal inner-turmoil. So needless to say, dinner was awkward, and things didn't get fun until we had drinks and got a buzz going. We later went to a hookah lounge, and she starts to cry. It was kind of weird. She's fretting about her future, and how she's going to make money after college, etc. I'm spending most of the time acting like a big brother, and calming her and letting her vent to me. Then she asks me if I see her as a friend or "more-than-a-friend". I tell her that I don't know, and that I'm still seeing where things are going. I ask her the same thing, and she says she sees me as a friend.

Ironically, we smooch and hold hands just minutes later. Then she says "I don't think I'm attracted to you as more than a friend". I act as if I don't care (I don't). I think we may have kissed again an hour later (lol). She never minded me going in for the smooch. It seemed right whenever I did it. Then, when we're waiting for a bus, she puts her hand on my cheek and I kiss it. It was cute y'all.

Basically, I don't know what's going on. I'd like to be intimate with this girl, but she seems to have issues, and told me multiple times during the date she sees me as a friend and nothing more. But her actions don't line up. Is she just having a bad day? I know when I've had bad days or been depressed, the last thing on my mind is dating or being in a relationship. Should I try to keep at it? Or am I friendzoned? Ironically, I wasn't really into her either until she told me she sees me as just a friend. Now I want her. Hahaha.