I once had a super smart friend with benefits study buddy. After 2 hours of awesome sex, we spent the following 4 hours reading Plato and Edgar Allen Poe, listening to Beethoven, watching Shakespeare plays, or working through astronomy problems and Greek geometry. We had SO MUCH FUN with intellectual challenges. Later she got a serious boyfriend who told her no more hanging out with old flames.

I know there are more women who would totally be up for a fwb like that.

Here's my question. Do you think it's a good idea to simply say all that in an online profile? Just show my cards. Or, maybe the profile should never explicitly say fwb or seeking smart well rounded girl, but instead be crafted to draw out such women, with out being explicit. Or maybe there is some 3rd way I've not thought of.

In any case, recommended reading or examples would be helpful. I don't really know at all how to write a profile to attract a fwb.

Thanks a lot guys.