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    Default how to avoid being nice to meet you'ed ?

    I see guys talking to girls for like an hour. I just dont get how that's possible. I have no idea what in the hell they talk about for that long. every time I talk to a girl, I am nice to meet you'ed within like the first minute.

    I know there is no way for you to say what I am doing wrong unless you see me in action, but what do you think is causing this? I know all about "dont interview her" and I dont do that. I don't ask "yes or no" questions. I make great eye contact. I am looking into her eyes the whole time. I never interrupt her. I let her do most of the talking, as much as possible, unless she is not talkative (which is a nightmare for me when a girl is not talkative because I have nothing to say)

    1) how can I avoid being nice to meet you'ed so quickly?
    2) when a girl tries to get rid of you, do you just say "nice to meet you too" and leave, or do you call her out on it? for example, can you say "are you trying to get rid of me?"

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    Default Re: how to avoid being nice to meet you'ed ?

    Have something to say, have an indentity, have a good opener, etc. you can get 10 minutes easy with a good opener a bad one maybe not even a word they just look at you and walk away. I tested it! Now I just grunt at 8's and get them to open!! I only use words on 9+.

    Now my game is more natural I have about a million things I wanna try but I am getting so good already at my natural game need a lot more practice time. Anyway I say what is eating my mind. I go up sometimes and say hey saw you checking me out IF they were 10 min convo and number for sure probably my easiest routine right now I use it so frequently. I have so many openers but then I move them to sit down to talk longer getting me 15 in ideal situations I get bored after that so I k-close, n-close and leave and re-approach again for another 5-10. I get bored quickly but now that I am going MPUA style next year I will try many canned routines and for sure extend the interaction by going for setting the hookup arrangement. My closing on 9's-10's night will FIRST be the pull and then the number. Or sometimes all numbers and sometimes all pulls depends on my mood but guys who talk for hours are probably douchebags who got no game since they rarely try to make any moves just stand around talking which is bad game and the sign of a AFC. A PUA should always be trying to isolate, escalate, and close.
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