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Thread: Picking up bartenders

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    Default Picking up bartenders

    Alright so I have been going to this nice bar around the corner from my house a lot. Gotten to know almost all the girls. So better than others. Well, there was one who I have been trying to develop good conversation with. We always talk about music and I tell her to make me her fav drinks etc. We exchange fav bands and I even made her a cd to listen to. Well, went on Sunday to drop off the cd I made but she wasn't in yet so I talked to this other bartender who I had never seen. She seemed interested. I do what I always do, ask them to let me try their fav drinks. We did shots together. Talked about Cali and Miami (both place we have been). So, I got her number that day and we agreed to meet up later. Was a bit awkward because I wasn't sure if she was going to come (it was a Sunday night and a nightclub) so I invited another girl out also. Me and this girl got there and were having a drink. Well, bartender shows up with her posse of like 5 other people. All chicks and 1 dude. I casually play it off and act like I don't see her as I walk by her and go to the bar with the other chick. She comes over to me within 2-5 mins. Stand behind me (I can see in my peripherals) so I turn around and act surprised. We greet, hug etc. She introduces me to the guy saying "Here's my friend. I'm here with a lot of friends etc". He's super cool. The girls are all on the dance floor so I don't meet them. I introduce her to the girl I was with. So, I tell her we should get shots later in the night. She's all for it. So we agree to meet back up.

    Well, I kept an eye on her location but she was constantly talking to the guy so I didn't want to go over and interrupt but I definitely caught her staring at me with the girl pretty often. Every time I got ready to go back over with her she would be engaged in conversation with the guy 80% of the time or the other 20% with her friends so I didn't want to bomb out. They ended up leaving before we did. I text her the next day and we had good convo. I told her I was coming to the bar again that night (Monday) and maybe I'd see her before I leave for my vacation to Miami (Thursday). She said she didn't work that day and asked when I leave.

    Didn't text her today. So, now I am debating on what move I should take next. If I should try to meet up with her tomorrow before I leave or wait until I come back which is Sunday? Then, do you think if I talk to her it will mess up trying to pick up the other bartender who is her co-worker?THANKS!

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    Default Re: Picking up bartenders

    That actually didn't go to bad. She showed up with friends but you had a friend with you that saved your ass. Next time join the group and mingle. it doesn't matter that she brought a guy with her. She is there because you told her to be.
    mingling with the group would have been a great opportunity to build some sexual tension. She basically introduced that guy to you as the dude she is farking. Don't be intimidated though. She is there because you told her to be. You will get your chance. of course she was watching you because your having a good time with the girl you brought along. Next time do it closer, like right in her face. You can save this situation though. Just tell her you didn't wanna sit with the group because your friend said that creepy guy she was with made her uncomfortable with how he kept looking at her breast and smiling every time the bartender wasn't looking. (EXPLOSIONS EVERY WHERE) Boyfriend Destroyed!!!!!!! get back in there and salvage that situation bro.
    happy hunting. of course I want a update.
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