Need some insight here.
Some background:
woman i've known for a few years. we hung out a few times back then, she moved back to her home state. i remained in contact, to her delight as well as my own. when she moved back earlier this year, we got to catch up and was able to hang out a few times. we've done dinners, made out a few times and we like each other's company.
i started playing ukulele and made some wall hangers to hold the uke. she has one too, but doesn't yet play. i made one for her, and put some practice sheets, and left if for her when i went to pick up some tools i let her borrow. when i asked if she had seen what i left her she said she would get to it later and she didn't need any gifts. i did not receive that too well and told her to have a great night and to be safe. and that was the last we contacted each other.
i know she likes me, and i have had trouble trying to forget about her. what is the best way to get back in contact again?