Starting off, I haven't been on for quite some time, I'm honestly still the high school guy from last year, just in grade 11 now. I still like to be chivilaric but I have made a vow to get my first girlfriend before the end of next summer.

Last summer during Stampede (Calgary Festival, I worked there) I met this one girl who reminded me of someone from the past, she was one of the few girls nowadays where I stutter and don't know what to do around. But still I got her number and asked her out on my only day off, since I was leaving for a road trip right after the festival. She canceled on me last minute, I guess it is a real reason but still, kinda bitch move. She lives up in the north east and i live in the southeast, and since were in highschool I donít ever had a chance to talk to her, the only other time I saw her in person outside was when I went to stampede grounds again for screamfest, and she was working. Now I want to date her, but whenever I bring up the topic of dating it always goes nowhere, texting wise, all we do is small talk. She would not reply to me if I bring up the topic of flirting or dating but she would always initiate the conversation if Im not hinting romantic shit. I guess Im in the friendzone somehow but ive never actually connected with her. Now my game is really rusty, I forgot everyone of dem PUA words and acronyms. I brought up the topic of hangin out and doing something fun over winter break but that was basically the closest thing Ive gotten for her to agreeing to a meetup (only because she kept on replying after :P). So since there hasnít been anything going along I wana try something new, any suggestions?