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    Default need help approaching hot bartender

    There is this hot bartender that I would like to approach but I don't know what to say to her.

    She usually works on Friday nights.

    I have ordered drinks from her but I have never had a conversation with her.

    I was also wondering if I should maybe try going out earlier and see if that gives me an opportunity to talk to her before the music is loud?

    I know bartenders get hit on alot so I need some cocky and funny comedy that she hasn't heard before.

    It would be better the more original it sounds but its best to avoid lines altogether so when I talk to her it feels natural.

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    Default Re: need help approaching hot bartender

    Whats up, bro. Dude I hit on bartenders ALLLLLL the time. First thing is first, YES get there early so you can talk to her without loud music and drunk people interrupting your convo. Dude. Sit at bar. When she comes over and asks what you want. Casually be like.... "What's your favorite beer?" If she says she doesn't like beer you say "What's your fav mixed drink then?" They like this because since it's something they really enjoy, they are usually intrigued to see if it has the same effect on you as it does with them. I get bartenders to give me free drinks allllll the time and drink with me. You can playfully tease her about the drink being weak or a slight let down if she is HB8 or higher. This is a fun neg.

    Example of something else I have done. There was a cute bartender I saw. I did exactly what I told you to do. I noticed her singing to herself. I asked her what she was singing. She told me (I forgot. It was some lame crap). Anyway, I told her I love music and that she had to write down her top 3 bands so I could check them out. She looooved this. Made me a list. Next time I came in she remembered me and asked did I listen to it. I ended up making her a list and eventually a burned cd and boom. You're in there. Dude, come off confident. I have dated a lot of bartenders. I always make sure I say that to them. Like "My ex is a bartender, blah blah blah". It shows you date girls and her being a bartender doesn't intimidate you. Ask her "So, what's the craziest thing you've seen as a bartender?" Sorry to go on and on but this is my subject lol. Please ask me any questions about this. Good luck!

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