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Thread: I finally have a question

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    Exclamation I finally have a question

    Upon yesterday I get a call from a girl who lays me very often.She's always horny for me because she orgasms very frequently when we do have sex. I tell her while I have always been told I was a decent/good lover And i'm no stranger to helping a female reach climax, What happens when we have sex is a bit of a anomaly. I say this because she orgasms 2-5 time on average when we hit the sack. Basically I tell her it's mostly her and her levels of arousal, or contribute it to our communication during the act it's self. I have asked her if she is just multi-orgasmic with anyone else. She said No in fact she said she hardly ever orgasms at all. Needless to say this girl is nuts about me. She does anything I want. She's open to 3 ways and even accept's the fact the I see other women. She's also honest about her own dating and sex life. Neither of us have a problem with this. We discuss everything NO HOLD BARs. Real deal fark buddies in the flesh. We are actually pretty cool. OK now the problem.

    She's always get angry if I have something to do, Or ask her to leave. When she is drinking this problem can be 10x worse. This was just the case yesterday. She came over for sex therapy and brought a six pack. 2 sessions and 5 orgasms later sex done beer done. A friend of mine shows up unplanned he actually brought a six pack as well. We have more beer while we make plans to go out later that night. She's said she was gonna tag along But i knew she was approaching the point where crazy actions are a possibility. I respectfully whispered she should go home and not go with us when he went to use the bathroom. She started putting on her coat and was furious. Talking wild acting wild. Really made a huge stink about everything. My friend said ''just let her come''. I informed of the pattern though and told him it could very well be 10x worst later. Don't think this was a shit test as mush as it is a drunken girl who really may have a problem when it comes to alcohol.

    She called a cab but was too angry to wait for it. She walked off yelling and screaming alone of course because i refuse to take part in that type of public freak show. No one even knew who she was talking to because I walked the other way with my friend as he's like oh shyt. What just happened?. I know I shouldn't be drinking with her. Thats a given. She's already been calling me all morning to give me the apology I always accept. This is a pattern that needs to be broken. I'm calling on the expert's to see how I should go about this.
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    Default Re: I finally have a question

    I'm calling on the expert's to see how I should go about this.
    I sense that she is already too emotionally attached. it just comes out more when she has lower inhibitions (ie drinking)

    its not a drinking problem its an emotion problem. fact is, you're the main guy she's sleeping with, and you're the guy she dreams about when she goes to sleep at night. you're the only guy who pleases her the way you do, and she's addicted to you.

    odds are, you've spent too much time with her, and thus built too much comfort for a fwb situation.

    all relationships have expiration dates. I would suggest that you milk it while it lasts. she's only going to get more and more attached to you every time you see her.

    now if you want it to last longer, I would suggest you take things back a notch, only see her when you're hooking up, and don't spend any more time with her than you have to to keep hooking up.

    I respectfully whispered she should go home and not go with us when he went to use the bathroom.
    you did the right thing by sending her home.

    here's a good rule you probably already know,

    "never take fwb girls to anything that could be misconstrued as a "date"


    it is her responsibility to maintain her emotions, if she can't contain them, then cut her off.

    her emotional attachment to you is only going to get worse if you keep hanging out all the time.

    I would suggest that you limit yourself to hooking up with her less than once a week.

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    Default Re: I finally have a question

    I agree with meteora. Too close for sanity. You mgt not have a discipline problem but she might. It doesnt mean criticize her for it. But maybe build productive solutions. This either requires a lot of talking, drawing a line or reminding her that there is a line drawn and or cut ties because you can't seem to mend the issue. Theres more i want to say but i think this has many layers as your situation seems to have a lot of history already
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