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    Default How to take it a step further

    Thanks for reading guys, i appreciate any advice i can get!

    there is this girl I've known from high-school. me and her talk on occasions and have hung out a couple times but nothing to serious. i ran into her the other day after a year. we did the typical " its been a while, how are you? lets hang out soon" convo. i want to impress her and make her wanting to hang out with me. but im having a "writers block" you can say on ideas for our hang out. i know most likely she will bring her friend. so im thinking of casually asking her to join me and my friend on a game of bowling or going out to drink. i tend to over think things and its not helping me at all. so any ideas on how to set up a hang out and make her wanting to hang out more

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    Default Re: How to take it a step further

    Don't say "hang out" to her.
    Girls take that as the guy being indecisive & not having any sort of plan whatsoever... which translates to: "A boring time of doing nothing & trying to (hopefully) think of something."

    Make a plan.

    Bowling can be fun, because it's interactive & playfully competitive. You can tease her about being awful when she rolls a gutter-ball & maybe she needs the bumper guards...

    The way to make a girl WANT to get together with you again, is to make sure you come across as being the FUN guy.
    If a girl is having fun, she's gonna want more.

    If you want to meet for a drink, phrase it along these lines:
    "Margaritas... Friday... 6:03 PM. Sombreros optional."

    Don't "ask" if she wants to meet up... present in a confident, fun way that compels her to want to come along.... AND, assume the sale. State it as if you're expecting her to come with you.

    It doesn't always work, because sometimes a girl already has things going on. But by phrasing & presenting it in the right way can drastically improves your success rate.

    Need one on one private coaching? PM me for details.

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