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    Default Thought this girl was pretty into me...but then

    Hey guys,

    So I'm not really sure what just happened here...Looking for some input.

    Met this girl online last week and we hit it off. First only responded after 4pm until the day we decided to meet and texted back around 2pm. that night she came back to my place and had a good time both that night and the next morning. After that she just kinda bolted out of my place kinda rudely but texted me later that day with some inside jokes.

    Texted her that night asking what she was up to and we ended up missing each other at a bar by a few minutes but she continued to text me all night and send me some pictures she took (made sure to mention I was with friends, etc). Next morning texts me asking what i'm up to and suggests grabbing dinner together, which I take her up on. We do dinner, make out a little at my place and then she leaves. Before leaving she runs through her week, sounds semi-busy, and she kisses me a lot before leaving (way nicer than the first time she was at my place) and I bring up the idea of doing something this week and she sounded down for it. Also says she likes to call because she knows she sucks at texting, though she is very talkative and tends to text a lot and then forget about the convo randomly. When she got back home she sent some texts telling me she got back safely, goodnight, etc.

    Anyways Monday I had an interesting development at work so I sent her a pic of it, she just replied "bahahaha!" and I wished her a safe business trip to no response, a little weird since she usually sends like 5 texts back after something.

    On her way back from it she hit me up and I asked how it was, she said it was actually fun in one text, and then I told her about my nights to only receive total silence from her end.

    Anyways, waited a couple of days now and texted her today asking if she was in town since we talked about hanging this week - complete silence. What do you guys think could have happened? I don't think I've been talking enough with her to fark this one up, and she deleted her online dating profile right after we met.

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    Default Re: Thought this girl was pretty into me...but then

    There seems to be some missing pieces to this puzzle...
    However; I'm thinking that YOUR text game may need a little work.

    If you're sending texts like "What are you up to?" or "What does your week look like?" or "What have you been doing?" or anything else as typical as those examples, then you're possibly boring her in-between your meet ups.

    Add a little spark to your texts. And don't wait days in between texting her.

    It's TOTALLY OK to text a girl every day. Just make it FUN for the both of you.
    Texting every day keeps YOU on HER mind & prevents the momentum from stalling out.

    If you only text her a day or so before you're supposed to meet up, then she's gonna wonder if you're actually interested, or just making backup plans with her in case your other plans fall apart.

    Need one on one private coaching? PM me for details.

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    Lightbulb Re: Thought this girl was pretty into me...but then

    My game is by no means perfect and I sent some sh*tty texts recently but I'm feeling creative right now…

    I call this my RED FLAG LIST:

    -she bolted out of your place kind of rudely

    -a lot of texting (I associate a lot of texting in the early stages of dating with getting friend zoned and/or the girl just disappearing altogether like in your case)

    -you haven't been talking with her enough? Your story is basically you chasing her with texts sounding like a friend

    Be happy you made out with her because she's gone. She got bored with you.


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    Default Re: Thought this girl was pretty into me...but then

    listen to these guys this girl is dead in the water to you. shes bored and by the sounds of things has moved on. and on another part people like to hear about themselves. by you talking about you you are spending less time talking about her. its easy for a woman to lose interest if you arent talking about something she finds interesting. for future girls get to know a lot of the things she likes because these things are gonna be topics that will keep her talking
    any man can sweep any woman off her feet... just need the right broom

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