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Thread: NLP Routines

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    Question NLP Routines

    Hi. Do NLP routines work? If they do, does anybody know of any good ones? Thanks to anybody who offers help.
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    Default Re: NLP Routines

    I used to love using nlp, until I read ross Jeffries book. (he has ridiculously long nlp routines that I think would just creep a girl out)

    now the only nlp technique I still you is known as "presupposing" (the science of assuming things into existence) basically the idea that if you tell a woman that she wants you enough times and act like she's totally attracted to you, she is more likely to become attracted to you.

    however, presupposing like this only works when you are totally confident that she wants you and you can unrelentingly stick with that frame of mind throughout the conversation.

    you can also presuppose that she wants to sleep with you, but you have to be subtle about it to keep from tripping asd.

    all together, nlp is only effective if you truly believe it is. some people are more suggestible than others, and most of the nlp techniques you can learn will only work under the right circumstances.

    I don't recommend getting too into nlp (especially if you're not very experienced)

    btw, nlp works a lot better on complete strangers than people you already know. if you're trying to use it to get some special girl who's already friend zoned you, you're wasting your time.

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    Default Re: NLP Routines

    I'm no expert but I think self touching can work. I only used it once but had pretty interesting results. I was talking to an hb8 after a concert once and after about two minutes(she even was trying to tell me my approach was wrong and that I should not approach her directly(ie walk straight up to her) which was actually good advice)I started to rub my chest. She thought this was silly and was making fun of me but then two minutes later we wound up hugging eachother for about two to three minutes and this after only talking to her for about five minutes at the most. It is worth mentioning that she was probably a bit toasted(but not dead drunk)though. So I don't know if that is an NLP technique or not but I have heard of other guys using it(along with other stuff)and having good results. Make sure you do it in a playful way though. If I were to do it again I would improve upon it and do it this way "Hey you know what feels good? Massaging yourself like this" and then rub your chest. Then say "ok now your turn." Say it with a big smile. She probably won't do it because that would mean she is rubbing her breasts and if she's in public that probably won't fly but at least you'll get a laugh out of it and it could lead to the two of you being intimate later(I mean kissing not necessarily sex). One thing I have heard of but not used is called "the boyfriend technique" where you pretend she has sleep in her eyes or something on her face or whatever and just rub it off. Usually that kind of touch is only reserved for boyfriends and girlfriends because it's intimate so it's said to accelerate the relationship. I haven't tried it though and to be honest it's not something I would try too soon (maybe after an hour of convo).

    Anyway, as far as verbal techniques go I too have studied some of RJ's stuff. I agree that I'm not sure if a lot of it would work but I am willing to use it if I have an opportunity. The one that goes "You like me are here to have fun" has the embedded command "you like me" in it. I think you would probably have to use that a bunch of times before it became effective. Also, "you have all this happiness(say it slowly but not too slow since it is hap penis)is another one that is suppose to have sexuality embedded in it. There's also the "below me" (as in blow me). Again I haven't used any of these though and I doubt I would at least not on women I was really interested in. I think it's better to just use c and f and put playful barriers between you and her(Ie you seem cool but you are probably way too high maintenance for me)than to focus much on NLP.

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