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Thread: Frustrated After A Hookup

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    Default Frustrated After A Hookup

    Hey guy, Banko here and something just happened sooner then I expected it to. I recently been hooking up with a girl that I met from a crazy house party I had a while back. Have gotten a blowjob and could have gotten intercourse but she was on here period on the days we hung out after the party. She's not no HB8 or anything but her personality is what made up for that. She's into games and other nerdy stuff I like (I'm a secret nerd). She's been stayin over and whatnot, and I admit I try to initiate sex which she usually gets into but recently it seems like she's easing off in that and had been just trying to chill and kick it. So we agreed to go to her place (today) a couple of days ago and play some games. I text her today and asks if what time she's down to hang and she replys:

    "You're a cool dude but I want to be more than a booty call."

    I'm kinda caught off guard as I didnt expect to get this so early in our times we've been hangin out.

    I simply replied:

    "I thought we were gonna just go to your place and chill and play video games but nvm"

    And thats it...I was really gonna try and hang but I'm frustrated in how girls just seem to think you're a player and just only want sex.

    So I actually got another actual HB9 who models. First time hangin out was cool, watched movies at my place. Didn't kiss yet but got close. She asked to go to her place so she could be up in the morning (I feel she just felt more comfortable at her place) We cuddled at her place, and she let me sleep in her bed but ordered no cuddling in her bed (even thought she changed into bed clothes showing nipples and all in front of me). Thing about this girl is I know she's highly sexual and known for hooking up. But with me she seems like she just wants to cuddle and watch movies. I also told her we might be having some nachos at my place Mon and she said she'd be down to hang. Should I pursue this chick and see where it goes? Normally I'm pretty good with going after want I want and being aggressive but with her I feel like I wanna watch where it goes.

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    Default Re: Frustrated After A Hookup

    You should seduce her more. But sleeping with her and doing nothing is a big no no.

    Throw some remarks, such as "don't look at me like that. I know you want me bad, but I don't think you can handle me ". Or "I won't sleep in the same bed as you again. I have the feeling that this time you'll wake me up just to have sex with me and... by the looks of it, you can't handle me"

    Along with this, throw some some remarks implying that you see her as your little sister. For the sake of mixed signals.

    Cuddle with her, but slowly escalate. Kiss her neck, her face, mouth, etc, while touching her. But escalate also through touching. Legs, ass, belly, boobs, ya know the drill.

    If this doesn't work, relegate her to the friend zone.

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