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Thread: Made an ass of myself at martial arts can I recover?

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    Default Re: Made an ass of myself at martial arts can I recover?

    I literally LOLed at this post. But ok, so how you should play it, in my opinion, depends on how you look. First of all, you might have nothing to play. She was just visiting her friend and she's not gonna be around anymore. If she does drop by again, what should you do? Well, what do you look like?

    If you look like a big, powerful fella in your prime, you could play the Zap Brannigan type from Futurama. You get showed up to be incompetent, but you look so convincingly alpha, it's funny and nobody takes it seriously, and girls still think you're cute. She could have literally thrown you across the room and you just have to get up and say, "See? I did that to show you how you would take a fall the wrong way, hence why I'm bleeding. Good job, girly! You're earned yourself a Zap Brannigan salute and dinner invitation!" Not quite that much, but you get the idea.

    If you're kinda young and greenhorn-looking and not physically intimidating, play the cute rookie. She'll might show you the ropes and she'll be stunned you still asked her to go out after she just "embarrassed" you.

    Either case, if she shows up, reengage her unphased and humorously. "Well well well, back for my other arm, I see." LOL

    And yeah, the quiet confidence could be better in some cases but I'm assuming we're working with what we've got here. If OP had the choice between guy-who-just-got-ass-handed-to-him-but-is-humorous vs. quiet-confident-alpha-who-could-beat-down-the-rest-of-the-gym-at-the-same-time, he should choose the latter, but I assume this isn't going to be an option for him at least for several years considering the latter requires you become intimidatingly superior to all the men, not just better than this girl.

    But in any case, if you exercise for a while, any physically apt male should quickly catch up to and surpass a female counterpart even if she's been doing martial arts for half her life. She also might have just surprised you and she wouldn't be able to handle you in sparring at all. I'm 26 years old, lift weights regularly and took various martial arts for several years and there is no way, no when, no how any girl, military, Olympian, you name it, is gonna out-spar me even in a martial art I haven't taken before (except maybe some 250-pound butch judo Olympian since I'm worse on the ground). Shouldn't take you more than a year to surpass her so don't feel too bad.

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    Default Re: Made an ass of myself at martial arts can I recover?

    I dated an MMA girl for awhile. Could easily kick my ass any day of the week. I seldom work out and never studied any formal martial arts. She just thought I was fun. So what I did was invite a few buddies over to show me the gayer side of martial arts... guard positions, joint locks, some ground game. I spent like 90 minutes sweating and struggling with my face between a dude's legs until I kinda started to get it. The next time over, as things start to get flirty I dropped an ice cube, bent down to pick it up, grabbed her legs out from under her, and dropped her on her ass... Ever since then, it became a game... her superior game, vs me trying to surprise her at the most random times. And I won more often than not... only partly because she wouldn't knee me in the face, I suppose.

    But it was always fun, and no true martial artist would discount the element of surprise. I mean, you don't walk around expecting a confrontation 24/7, but you are on your guard with some people. Starting to recognize the moments where I had an "upper hand", basically using her girly "Ok, I want you let's kiss..." emotions to turn into an "oh wait you just dropped my ass onto the couch" type of foreplay.

    Did I really want to see what she was capable of? fark no. Would I have been afraid to get into an octagon with her for real? fark yes! But did I learn to keep her on her toes and take the initiative to learn enough tricks to keep it fun? For sure. Every time we got together, I had some new tricks... I wasn't taking classes. She didn't know where they came from... but my buddies were teaching me and it kept things fresh.

    And I don't really consider the type of foreplay we had to be "rape fantasy" but I could see how it might look like that to outsiders. It was definitely very physical, bordering on painful with joint locks or whatever. We'd both have to tap out sometimes... and thankfully she never grabbed my balls outright. Anyway, it was very physical, and a completely different reality from what most male-female relationships are like.

    But I find that to be fairly normal when you meet a girl who's towards the pinnacle of anything... she acts and reacts in very peculiar manners... that you either absolutely love, or completely turn you off.

    Basically, that girl gave you a shit test. It could have happened to anybody, any guy, on any night... but you know, she was watching how you handled it. She was judging you. The question is.. did you pass?

    Oh and, having done western martial arts (fencing) for about 7 years, I can't fathom approaching any girl who even so much as looks at a martial arts class without a fuck ton of suspicion like, "what if she knows her shit?" Note for the future: test her out first... know what you're getting into and approach appropriately. Basically, show respect. I think eastern martial arts kinda teach something about that, or something.
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