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    Default Girl is different (smart, serious, conservative) NO idea how to game her

    A couple of weekends ago I was at a club and there was a mixed set there. I had seen some of them there before so I chatted with the guys and flirted with the girls for practice but the girls were drunk and none of them were really hot so it didn't go any further. Later after last call when everyone was outside waiting for cabs and rides I noticed a HB9 walking across the parking lot. But she had little to no makeup on and was covered up and not wearing a club outfit. A few guys who closer than me tried to approach but she yelled at them "Your drunk go away!". I watched as she corralled the drunk mixed set into a vehicle while yelling at them about being drunks in the somewhat crowded parking lot.

    Because this girl was hot and exactly my type when it comes to looks I went back to the club the next weekend and found a few people from the mixed set so I could ask about her. Two of them are her cousins. I was able to find out that he is very smart and has a good education and is apparently very serious. She also doesn't drink, go to bars or sleep around. I was able to find out she does volunteer work at a hospital. It just so happens that tomorrow my great aunt has an appointment there for something so I volunteered to drive her to the appointment in hopes that I run into HB there.

    Now I know I am psyching myself out before I very approach but I am nervous about this. Lately I have been growing tired of the club scene, and this girl seems like girlfriend material more than the dumb club girls I'm used to dealing with. However I feel like a dumb club guy because I barely finished high school and I have spent the last 5 years doing nothing but going to clubs, meeting girls or hitting the gym and working a minimum hours at a dead end job. I'm afraid an intelligent no nonsense girl will see right through me. I am trying to have the "I am the prize" mentality here and not put her on a pedestal but it's hard. Any tips or advice as to how I can approach this one?

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    Default Re: Girl is different (smart, serious, conservative) NO idea how to game he

    Is hard not to put her on a you have. You know you have.

    By telling us you're a club dude you're perpetuating a mentality that will be your demise with this girl. Instead try on the attitude of "I'm young. I'm fit. I'm enjoying my youth instead of rushing into something I may hate in 5 years."

    Smart, no bs girls...guess what...they're girls. They like to have fun too. They just don't find their fun in bars or in bottles. You already know this about her, so you've got a head start. Volunteer with her one day maybe? Take her to a carnival or a picnic, or a hike. Some of my sexiest sisters from other misters love, absolutely LOVE the hike then a bite date.

    Bottom line, just go in there knowing you're going to make her laugh and get her number. You don't, and she doesn't need your life story. Normal club game isn't going to work. You know that. Don't even bring up the fact you saw her outside, study your daygame.

    And...if nothing else....hospitals are full of cute nurses, doctors, interns, volunteers etc. so thank your aunt when you get a number from at least one of them. They're all smart and serious. Have fun, and keep us posted.

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