Hi everyone,

I met this HB on OkayCupid as the title says. She had initiated first contact. We exchanged a few messages and things seemed to be going well, then she deleted her account. She had originally thought that my account on OKC was too cocky. A few days later as I was browsing on POF, I found her profile there. Later that day I got a message from her, complimenting me on my POF profile. We exchanged a few more messages and I got her digits. We then began to text a tiny bit, and by tiny I mean one or two texts a week, for the next two weeks. Mainly I was trying to start conversations, to which I was receiving one word answers like "cool" and "nice"... I then broke my phone and lost her number + forgot about her for about two weeks.

Went back to POF, asked for her number again and explained how I broke my phone and got it again. I didn't waste time after that and quickly set up a meet at a local food and boutique clothing event. She ended up bringing a female friend with her (I had a male friend come along as well). I showed them around explaining what all the stalls were and what not. HB and her friend had to leave but I could tell they enjoyed themselves (not overly, but in a "I don't think he's a serial killer" kinda way), she gave me a genuine smile as they left.

30 min later she texts me saying: "Sorry I had to leave so early, I had fun, we should meet again soon".

So I was in... I thought.

We exchanged a few texts over the next few days, but again conversation just never took off, she seemed unresponsive. When I would text her, she would appear online, see the message then not respond for hours, at which time I would then not respond to her response for a while either. We never had any awkward moments or anything during conversations, it always just flowed naturally.

I set up our next meet, lunch at a little Thai restaurant. She was a little late due to her work, which apparently she's turned out to be a surgeon. Things went well we chatted about a lot of random things, ate our food, then went for a brief walk around the area in the city where I showed her around. I ended it after the walk as I had other things to get done work wise. We hugged as I walked her back to her car and went about our separate ways.

The next day we actually had a fun conversation texting which lead to me calling her and we talked for a good half hour on her drive back from word, towards the end of the phone call, she said: "we should meet up sometime".

To me, and I'm probably just overthinking things but, does the change in language from "we should meet up soon" to "we should meet up sometime" mean I've lost points so to speak?

She's still pretty unresponsive when it comes to texting... I send a text, she comes online, reads it, then doesn't respond. But again I'm probably overthinking things, I mean she is a surgeon after all and is probably busy at the ward.

I want to escalate things and show her that I am interested in a sexual relationship, but I haven't noticed any body language queue's from her yet to whether or not she may or may not be accepting. Although her hugs are a bit half assed.

What do yall think? Usually I'm pretty confident in how the other person is truly feeling and reacting towards me, however with this HB, she has me confused a bit, but perhaps that's simply because I let her being a surgeon get to my head and impress me way too much for someone so young.

Also any advice for how to spice the conversations up would be greatly appreciated. We tend to talk about nerdy things only and I'm finding it difficult to transition to something sexual or funny.

Thanks in advance, Druk.