For the last year and a half I was overseas in an exchange program for university. I left last year on July 5, 2013 and got back a few days before Christmas. On my second day back I was in line at a coffee shop and I saw some girl that looked really familiar but I couldn't place her. She saw me looking, was taken aback a bit but then said hi and called me by name. When she spoke I recognized her voice. She was on of my old FWB. However she looked completed different.

Her hair was short, it was barely ear length and it was this golden blonde color. She wasn't wearing any makeup and she was dressed sort of cute but very covered up.Her boots were flat with no heel. Her nails were painted although they were short and she was wearing a necklace and no other bling. I always knew her with long bleach blonde hair, hot makeup, bling, fake nails, heels, tight clothes, push up bra etc. We got to talking. After talking about my trip abroad I asked about her. She's still single but she told me she got tired of the party lifestyle. She stopped dyeing her hair for 5 months. On New Years Eve she cut off her hair extensions and dyed hair and was left with only her natural hair, although it was a very short pixie. She also had her fake nails taken off and just painted her real ones, and she gave up make and bought new more conservative clothes. She also quit her job as a bottle girl, became a hostess at a respectable, upscale restaurant and started a 3 semester night school program for bookeeping. She just finished and is going to be the bookeeper for the restaurant now.

We chatted a bit before I left. I didn't even try to game her because before she was on the hottest girls I knew where as now she is sort of cute I guess but closer to average. Also since she quite smoking and drinking I have no interest since we can't go to clubs. No biggie as I have other girls in my rotation. But I will miss her because she was so hot and amazing in the sack. I admire her ambition to better herself by going to night school, I can't understand why she would purposely make herself less hot. She said she would rather be naturally cute than artificially stunning, but I know women are vain so I just don't get it. I'm thinking she had some kind of mental break or something. I have never encountered this before. Have any of you guys encountered something like this before? Is there a reason a girl would make herself less hot on purpose.