Hi y'all ,

I started taking dancing lessons recently , yesterday i met a girl at the lesson.
at the end of the lesson there is a party where all levels of people join and dance together.
i started dancing with some girls and saw she was looking at me , i danced with her as well.
At some point we sat on the couch and started talking , it was really fun i made her laugh and another girl who sat with us , i told both of them i was learning massage , they liked it and she said she needed one , i tried to do some to her, but stopped after a minute because she didn't seem to go with that (later she said she would be comfortable if a partner she knew would do her massage), then someone took her to dance and i continue speaking to this girl and we were having fun (she was pretty and a girlfriend of one of the instructors) , after she finishes the dance she saw we where still speaking and laughing then she sat on my laps , almost every time i told something funny she touched me.

After the party was over she asked where do i live so i told her that i'm going there by foot and she started walking with me , on the way we touched each other and sometimes hold hands , when i asked her for her name she asked me so i told her a fake nickname , she laugh and didn't want to reveal her's so i made her a nickname also , when we were near my apartment i pointed up to my room and said that's where i massage people , she didn't seem to be responding like 'hey what a cool place' or stuff like that , she was chill so i didn't ask her to come upstairs , we continue walking to a place where she could catch a cab , on the way i asked her for her number she just continue to talk ignoring that question , we got there and started to talk for an hour , she showed me some capoeira moves which i knew a little so we started "fighting" , that was funny , then the conversations got to a point of what she would like to do in the future and stuff , she didn't really was paying attention to the cabs passing by despite the late hour.

I cab stopped nearby , i asked her again for her number , she said "see ya on Monday" (the dance lesson) gave me a hug and got into the cab , and i went home.

It seems at the start things escalated OK but at the end nothing , i am probably a fool not trying to invite her up despite her being chill , must get the idea of "she is not a slut! don't invite her in" out my head.
What do you think i should do next on Monday when i see her ?
does she playing with me or putting me on the friend zone ?

Thanks for your help