This is the first thread I've posted, but I've been in the game for about 3 years now and know am pretty familiar with this site. However, I've found a situation which I need help.

'Twas New Years eve. As the clock approached midnight, I scrambled around the party trying to find someone deserving of my mouth. Finally, I approached the keg with disappointment, and that's when I saw her. HB9, and roommates with my friends GF. This is the first night we had met. At this point it was about 30 seconds after the countdown had finished. I walked up to her, asked her if she had a New Years kiss. When she said no, I immediately grabbed her face and she jumped on me just as quickly. Following the sloppy drunken makeout, I got her number and she ran off to tell her friends.

Fast forward about an hour. This is when it went south.

At this point I was having a great time, until I saw my ex walk in and be very friendly with another "friend" of mine. This then caused me to turn into a drunk AFC. Apparently, like an idiot, I had asked the hb9 to kiss me in front of my ex. From there it did not go well.

I'm still great friends with her roommate, and I think she knows I was just drunk. My question would be, where do I go from here? Would apologizing make me seem weak and hurt my chances even more? Should I text her, or should I wait to see her in person again, which likely could be never?

Ps. We both attend the same university. I am in the best frat on campus, and I have a very high social status.