Hi guys, some advice would be greatly appreciated here.

The set-up:
- found HB9 on tinder, very similar interests, my texting game was solid in the beginning and first date was arranged quickly.
- first date went really well, huge IOIs, girl says she would be disappointed if we didn't meet again
- second date was one day after first one, same thing, everything goes great and I k-klosed
- the next day happens to be new years eve, she says she wants to come to my place, and got f-closed.
- saw her again on Friday which was two ago. she is giving compliments etc. so far so good.

HOWEVER, now follows the problem

- in the "beginning" (which was a week ago) she was very active, asking me when to meet uo, sending images, saying good night with kiss emoticons and stuff like that. So of course I was doing the same, and trying to "reward" the huge IOIs and nice txts.
- yesterday the vibe changed a lot. I was trying to arrange the next date, but I'm getting a feeling all the time that she is trying to avoid the next date and turning into a bit flake-ish. Getting texts like "ok, haha, we'll see", no response to "good night" message, also she is not suggesting other possible times for date if a time that I suggested doesn't fit into her calendar. The last one is confusing because as I said, she very actively suggested replacement times earlier, asking when I could meet her.

Yes, I might be overthinking this a bit atm, but still would like to hear your opinion because the contrast between earlier this week and now is kinda huge.
So basically my goal is to maintain everything positive and ultimately take this to next level, but of course not to be needy or chase her, that'd end up bad I think.
However it is hard to escalate things without seeing her in person, and if arranging a date isn't progressing I don't have ideas how to proceed.
On the other hand I wouldn't like to get her to feel I'm not interested either or "miss this chance".