ok so i have been in the game a few years but i began to get too dark. i had zero respect for other relationships outside friends of mine relationships. all women other than those were fair game in my eyes. i recently had what i like to call a factory reset. in other words i found a memory of my past self that made me feel human again and it took away my will to be that bad of a person. so now i am on the track to finding the one. i believe she is out there but when it comes down to it i kn ow how to get a woman but was never taught how to keep her. the book "the game" shows you the happy life neil and his wife had but never shows beyond that like what happens once arguments happen? how does he keep her loyal? my qustion is after the honeymoon stage of the relationship has worn off what do you do next to keep the relationship moving forward?

thank you guys for the support,