so normally i would say keep your dating life out of the work place. it never works out because when the relationship ends you still have to talk to your ex and it becomes awkward for the both of you but i think my situation is different. i met this girl through a mutual friend of ours at a party i through. she was easily an HB8. she has been toying with me for months now showing ioi's then giving me iod's not long after. then she began working with me even gave me a cig and a ride home once. seemed pretty cool but every time i invite her to an event she has something come up last minute. i would just dismiss her simply because i work with her but the ioi's keep drawing me in and the iod's push me away. i can't tell what she wants and i'm terrified to be outright honest about the way i feel about her because i know it could not only jeopardize our friendship but also out work relationship as well. i am in a real bind here guys could really use some solid advice.

thanks as always,