Hi guys, this will be a rather long post but please hear me out:

I knew this Korean chick from work who was on a short-term assignment in my country back in August last year.

A little background on this chick - she claimed that she had never been in a serious relationship apart from briefly dating someone when she was 16. She enjoys yoga and traveling and all round a pretty out-going person I would say however tends to be socially awkward and is highly probable a virgin.

In the 3 months she was here we went out a total of 4 times. Now on those dates I did the usual rapport building and kino-ing. I think I may have moved too slow ie. not done enough to escalate further however I have read some where on the internet that Asian girls tend to yearn more towards starting a serious relationship as opposed to a fling so that could be my only chance of ever bagging her.

She has since left the country but we have been in touch through text. I have been keeping my texts at a minimal (once every 2 weeks or so) to avoid appearing too keen. During the past 2 months I have done 2 things which to many of you are what AFCs do: I booked a flight to Korea under the pretence that I am going for a holiday (what I told her) but really only wanting to see her. I have also sent her a surprise Christmas/Birthday gift not long ago to which she was rather happy to receive. (side note: She also sent me a Christmas card during this time, before my surprise gift arrived)

In short the only reason I have done all the above is because she has been giving me the impression she really wants a serious relationship. Just want to know if I am on the right track ie. am I communicating that I am also looking for something serious? Also what can I do to sort of 'buildup' to my visit in end Feb/March? Does more texting help?