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Thread: How to handle an upcoming argument?

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    Default Re: How to handle an upcoming argument?

    The secret here fellas is to NEVER BE IMPRESSED BY BEAUTY ..... I have told lots of hot girls "there is nothing special about being beautiful, I've been with lots of beautiful girls, if you want to impress me know how to cook a good lasagna" .... that's immensely better then AFC guys who when an attractive girl walks into the room have their tongues dragging on the ground and start talking like a baby ..... appreciate beauty don't be impressed by it because it's fairly common !!!!

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    Default Re: How to handle an upcoming argument?

    Yep. I remember Mystery telling a beautiful girl once(in a video or something)"you are very beautiful but beauty is very common." Actually I don't entirely agree with that. Out of 100 women I doubt if even ten of them could truly be considered beautiful(maybe five if that). I will say though that being beautiful by itself doesn't make them special. For most guys it does but ideally it shouldn't be that way.

    I think maybe it's a bit unrealistic to expect men to not be impressed by beauty though. I think more accurately and more importantly we should not ACT impressed by beauty. Of course we are going to see a woman and say "wow." It's how we are wired as men. We will be impressed the same way we would by seeing any great work of art. However, the key thing here and I think the point is to just not act like you are impressed by her looks or think that is the main reason you want to be with her. You want to keep that hidden from her(at least until well into a relationship then you can reveal that you "think she is kind of cute"(if you want)or even call her beautiful but of course it has to be calibrated and can't happen until way later on in the relationship.

    The thing is no woman chose to be born beautiful. Sure they will almost always chose to make themselves look their best but for the most part they look that way because of genetics. They didn't choose it. They can however chose their personality but most rely on their looks because of the way society as a whole treats them. They get the message at a relatively early age that they can get away with a lot of stuff and get men to pretty much be their servants because of the way they look. This is why they are offended when some guys don't play into their hands. However, if you don't play into their egos the right way it can make you stand out and make you seem like the mystery man who gets it.

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