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    Default Should I stay or should I go? ... or do something else?

    Long story short;

    I met this 18 year old girl at the gym, we had strong eye contact, she let me touch her hair, arms, massages. I would even say I was pretty obvious on my intentions. A couple of days after meeting for the 1st time I got her number but we didnt go out cause she was doing xmas shopping.

    A couple of days later I asked her out on xmas (bad move) and she told me she couldnt cause of spending time with her family.

    After some days we talked for a while, eye contact, body language, and stuff like that would tell me "damn shes interested". I asked her out for a 3rd time and while I was doing she was like "Im really sorry I have to get my things ready for my new years trip" (this was on dec 31 so)

    I havent seen her since then because Ive been going to work out on other schedule, but IŽll probably see her.

    Should I do something? Most people tell me to go next or freeze her out.
    I would say she was interested but I shouldve build more raport maybe?

    Just a side note: The other night I had a fclose with another girl, will this somehow affect my game with this gym girl? Ive seen another target at the gym too, should I just open her and game her IN FRONT of the first girl?

    Thanks for the advice !

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    Default Re: Should I stay or should I go? ... or do something else?

    1) Holiday time is ALWAYS a bad time to ask girls out, people are so busy and want to spend time with their families, I've sent out lots of "After the New Year, lets go grab a drink" texts

    2) YES, game this other girl, if the first one sees you great. if not no big deal your working on a new girl

    3) Buidling rapport is important but only after you build attraction ..... and I think you had attraction so YES work on the rapport part of it

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