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    Default Need help to jump into D2 after a time lapse of not seeing her

    Ive met this girl. I opened her talking about a funny incident of her. She was very receptive.

    First days I had like, this strong magnetic eye contact with her while talking. I also tried to escalate first by taking her hands and arms and giving her massages (excuse was "this Is how i warm for guitar practice" which is true btw). I also touched her hair and I got her number.

    Thing is, I asked her like 2 times and I have to admit it was a bad move. 1st time I asked her out and she was busy with the xmas shopping, next time she had to spend time with her family, and last time she was busy getting her stuff ready for new years trip.

    So after that I havent seen her since like dec 31st. I dont know if this is a good or bad thing, or If should I stay or should I go. I also discovered that she MIGHT have a bf, but she hasnt told me anything about it.

    Im gaming 2 other girls atm, but this one def is the one that interest me the most. Im already getting laid with one of the other girls but its just some thing to pass the time.

    Im probably going to meet this other girl, because Im gonna go back to my old work out schedule.

    Do you guys think I should go next? or do something else?

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    Default Re: Need help to jump into D2 after a time lapse of not seeing her

    Send her a ping text and see how's she's doing. Do a few light and playful texts to build up some rapport again. Then ask what her schedule is like and plan a day 2.
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