I SO like this girl.....
According to Pandora's box I think she is tester (she has likes to switch topics sometimes), justified cause she can tell really dirty jokes and realist cause she is alone in USA and dripped good profession to open a business.

All the described conversations are by sms unless specified otherwise.
I met this girl 4 month ago. We barely talked (now I know she broke up with her fiancÚ a month before). I got her Facebook and became friends with her. Apparently there are ton of shared friends. After that few times I defended her on Facebook. She has a business (just opened). During that first meeting there was a knowledge game that I won and thus got gift certificate from her (she was impressed at how knowlgable I was)
A month ago I met her again talked and asked her were she was going after the event. She told me home because the next day she has to get up early to get stuff for her business. I didn't ask her out.

The gift certificate was about to expire before new years so I went to her business and used it. During me visit she sat and talked to me. Then complimented on my shirt and how great I look. During that I asked her where she is going for new years she said she doesn't know yet.

Next day I called her and asked her out to go to New Year party. She already planned to go to some friends (she did I saw picks on Facebook) but she was so very sorry and apologetic that I didn't ask earlier and said that she couldn't cancel the other plans. I said no problem that we will be in touch.

I called the day after next day and asked her out. She happily agreed but didn't want me to pick her up.
We met. Had dinner the. Went to a club show (where you dance and see show). We danced I didn't go for a kiss but we kissed in a cheek in the middle. She let me mover her hips during dance and I was teaching her salsa. I walked her to her car. She said that it was great and it would be nice to do it again. I kissed her in the cheek and didn't say anything. Then when I was walking away she called my name and made a phone sign with her hand (so I would call her) I didn't answer looked at her and just smiled. It was horrible snow day. When I got home I fell asleep right away.

She send me a text message to ask if I arrived okay then a half hour after she sent me a few question marks as they said I was already asleep when I saw these messages in the morning I told her that everything was okay and I just fell asleep right away and didn't see her messages. I asked her (all by text) if she didn't get called and how her feet are because she got them wet when She was walking with me. I said that they're pretty and it would be a shame to hurt them.
She answered by laughs and said she's OK.

The next day in the morning she texted me herself and said by the way it was a nice evening thank you.
I answered by something funny and told her to say hi to her cereal which she told me that she eats in the morning.
She laughed.

The next morning we spoke on text (I texted first) with couple of laughs briefly. Then I asked her if she saw some more of it was about the picture on facebook she said she did then I asked her to go out today and see a movie. She said she needed to take a nap because she didn't sleep well the night before she had nightmares.

The next night I called her voice and asked how she was doing we had a nice conversation and after I said bye bye she said kiss you bye bye.

The night after that I called voice again she told me that she hit her car when I asked her to describe me what exactly happened she said that she better describes it on paper to the insurance company at least she will have to do it once. Then I asked her out but she said that the best day for her would be to go out on Sunday and I asked her to go out on Saturday and the reason is is because her business is closed on Monday. I said that that's what I thought but last Monday she actually went to work.

Later on that night you texted me wishing me goodnight. I didn't see the message right away and answered hour and a half later wishing her the same.
The next day I texted her saying let's make a party packed tomorrow ( so basically to meet on Sunday night when it's the most convenient for her).

She told me she is having a get together at work and invited me to come I said that I can come by the hour and a half later after the time that she invited me to she said ok after few hours. That day I went skiing and send her a picture from the mountain.

When I came it's basically she was running a raffle with few of her clients. Then one of her guy friends was running even later and that was about an hour that we were alone at her work. We sat on the couch and she told me a sexy joke then I made an excuse to sort of kiss which was supposed to be on the cheek but she and she made sure she gave me the cheek. Then She didn't want to sit near me. So ask her to show me around then we went into another room but I didn't make any moves. The music was playing so I asked her to dance she refused and I said that when we met she enjoyed the dancing she said that she faked it and didn't enjoy it. Then the guy friends game and she said in front of us and we're telling her story is about traveling and stuff like that it looked like we were entertaining her. And then I said that we should stop entertaining her and she should entertain us.

Then it was getting late and she wanted to go for a smoke I don't smoke so I just left them alone.
The next day she put an advertisement on Facebook that had the word "free blowout". So I asked her what she meant with a smiley. She answered "not what you hoped for". I said oh my god and apologized and said that I didn't mean that she told me that she knows I didn't mean anything bad. So I said there is nothing really bad but it would be out of place now and also I'm not really into that kind of stuff.
That was yesterday.
Today I called her and said that I was passing by and asked her to come out for a second because I forgot to give her something. She came out and I gave her a rose with a candy inside. She said it was very cute and then I said so here is what I forgot to give you the other day and tried to kiss her in the lips. I held her head so I could kiss her in the lips she kept the lips closed and turned her had to the side. I said that I gotta go and drive away.
If you read so far I salute you.
Now please please please please tell me where I stand. There is the cool part of the day after tomorrow (which i want her to come with me) and then there are two parties where we both were separately invited to on Facebook and on both she clicked that she will go. I know for a fact from our common friends that there are a lot of hunters and if you're going to these parties it would be nice if I was her date.
Bluff this Monday I want her to go skiing with me.
So what do I do now and where do I stand.
Thank you for your patience.