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    Default DTF to no nonresponsive? (Couch escalating...)

    Met a girl at the club a couple days ago. SUPER responsive,/flirty, hints that we should hookup later. Didnt happen that night but she ends up calling me late last nightsays shes bored wants to hang out. Turns out she lives like a 5-10min drive away so I scoop her up for drinks/movie back at my place. I had only chilled with her for maybe 10min in the club prior to this and assumed she'd be just as flirty but was actually pretty dull/non responsive. It was late and I'm not super into her so wasnt in the mood to plow I just thought itd be a easy lay but I noticed this sticking point about having girls over...

    -Living room couch!
    If a girl is really engaging, then this isnt a problem, we both kino.
    But when you have a girl like above...they get to your place, sit on the far end of the couch, and are non responsive to kino...what gives? They show interest...come over, then they freeze out...
    I know escalation ladders, I usually do light kino in this case which should lead up to heavy kino but that doesnt always work so I'm wondering when it comes down to the couch do you guys immediately go for heavy kino? Always felt its awkward on the couch if theyre not reciprocating, touching back, smiling etc.

    Do you guys plow through this even when they seem cold?
    Feel like I need a couch specific escalation ladder lol
    I remember living at home with just a bed and a Tv, escalating went so much smoother...

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    Default Re: DTF to no nonresponsive? (Couch escalating...)

    Couch ladder? Dude you just met her and she was willing to come to your house and watch a movie! She wanted to bang you moron. Girls can be very nervous. If they're nervous they sit on the other end of the couch. Get her to sit by you and escalate.

    If she didn't want something she wouldn't have excepted your invitation to come over. Women can be very nervous in these interactions. Assume she has anxiety and escalate! If she says no then stop.

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    Default Re: DTF to no nonresponsive? (Couch escalating...)

    Yea, girls aren't stupid, "a movie" is code for them too. I do understand some of that awkwardness tho, basically she was expecting you to break that, kinda your job as a man to lead here.

    I have been in that situation tho and I've just said simply "why are you so far away? Scoot over here"
    And they comply. They scoot in, put your arm around them, and start the cuddling / kino / traditional escalation.

    If a girl is there to watch a movie with you, telling them to scoot closer never fails.
    Never need praise, sympathy, or approval

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