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    Default Playoff Game with HB10

    It would seem as though I am gaining a bit of ground.

    Remember how I used to suck with HB10's? Well this year it is my big year for them. Anyway found a HB10 and we are actually hitting it off.

    Been talking to her for 3 days. I resented the fact you guys told me to dump my last HB9. But something about it man makes this HB10 seem like a goddess compared to my last girlfriend and she was hit up constantly by tons of guys.

    Anyway so we were rapid fire messaging last night and I was just speaking my mind. I am very lovey dovey with her but also kinda horny sometimes and treat her like a brat to balance things out. Anyway this is the girl that was very mean to me and then started calling me her "lovey & snookums?"

    Anyway I said something to the effect of "All decided. Taking you on a grand adventure."

    HB10 All 12"
    PUA That's right, see ya

    This caught me off guard because we talking about how much we love each other and miss each other and out comes the sexual comments. I have to play it cool since they might delete me if I get too wild but it caught me off guard because I think she is asking for the D.

    Anyway not sure how to proceed, told her several times I want her number but she is playing hard to get. She was hard to talk to at first and now we are like pals. Anyways she still gives me crap and I really need to know what to do next. Should I say "Free this weekend?" or maybe put her on hold? Any suggestions would be nice.
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    Default Re: Playoff Game with HB10

    It's hard to give the advice you need without looking at the whole thread. Where are you messaging her from? I'm assuming Facebook or something. She's breaking rapport and push/pulling with you. If she breaks rapport, you break rapport back. Set up a time and date to meet her before you go for the number. Ask an open ended question, "What's your schedule like ?" and pick a date that works for you both. Then grab her by saying, "Facebook (or w/e you're using) can get annoying, what's your number ?" Send a text as you as you get her number so she saves it and then do a few light and playful texts and set up logistics.
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