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    Default got an hb at work who is a total rubix cube, need clarity.

    this is stumping me. in case this looks familiar to anyone im a member over at the attraction forums too.
    i have a girl ive been working on at work. prolly hb7-8. we have both been here for more than 5 years. we are both 30. she has an on/off bf that no one has ever met and was apparently engaged to previously but she broke it off. they are currently on, though. we get along very well and recently ive felt a bit more attracted, and i have been escalating veeeery slowly as to not hit any tripwires. we've been good work friends this entire time but i was "previously attached" up until 3 months ago.

    my issue is this, i feel like im getting played hot/cold by this one. sometimes im hitting on all cylinders and getting every attraction signal that exists, sometimes its like shes hiding or guarding . ive been in her place(just briefly to pick her up, was invited), ridden her around a bit, been out for drinks in a group a few times, yada yada yada. we text a lot, and ive done hour long phone calls but im afraid to try that again, i dont want to hit the "too needy" switch. its like every move i make theres a 50/50 chance she'll bite completely or completely go cold.

    the reason im posting is that im lost as to where i should be, its like she changes the game every time i make a move(hence the rubix ref). so when a move goes well i never know if it "actually" went well. its hard to explain. i know shes attracted or else i would definitely not have made it this far, thats a constant and i dont think i have moved backward yet. its been hard to keep the pressure low because of our work situation. i could "bump" into her 5 times a day if i planned it right, but i dont think thats a good idea. i dont know if i should still be gaining rapport, gaining MORE attraction untill shes all over me? or trying to seduce, running bf destroyers or starting all over with playful lines in the break room.

    at this point im just trying to see how far i can get. every time im about to pack it in she gives me one last major unsolicited signal to reengage... which i just fold into my game ofcourse...

    ive already been told that my next step is isolating, so ive been working on that, but it hasnt happened yet, other than coffee stops at work, which go well(but i cant seduce from a busy coffee while on the clock) she goes home to family or bf often (2hr drive)and keeps her schedule full. i ve gotten the, "awe man ill be home for blah blah blah then but i still want to go" i dont think shes flaking or avoiding because i still get txts and phone communicado from those home locales. i think i just havent hit a hole in her schedule.

    what do you guys think? am i reading right or wrong? hit me.

    ***update, just read an article on another pua source about insecure girls and it describes this girl to a T . whoa. new POV.
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    Default Re: got an hb at work who is a total rubix cube, need clarity.

    You're right, you can't really game her while at work. Normally I would advise against gaming girls at work, but it is possible to be well calibrated when both of you are off the clock. And yes, you do need to isolate her, the only way to do that is find a time where both of you are available. Ask what her schedule is like, that way you don't pigeon hole yourself to one date. If she's not free this week, ask about next week. It's rare that a girl will completely "booked" for two straight weeks. It's best practice to book a date within 7 days so there is less chance for interruptions and loss of interest or excitement. Once you settle a date and and confirm, make sure to light and playful in the meantime and be in semi-regular communication with her through texts or just in person since you work together. Then send a ping a reminder about 2-3 days before the date to confirm so she remembers and doesn't "flake" or have some other plans.
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