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Thread: Texting Game

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    Default Texting Game

    Ok first time caller long time listener fellas. I've loosely known this gal for a few years. She is one of my best friends sister in laws. Her divorce is almost complete. We went on a date two weeks ago and it felt like it went flawless. Immediately after she texted me how good of a time she had.

    After that date I noticed that I was iniating all the texts. She would respond but never iniatiated any of our convos. I stopped texting her to to see if and would start up a convo. It's been almost a week and I haven't heard from her. Should I drop in a funny line saying hi or chalk this up as a loss and move on? I hate to think this already failed because she is so fine and I enjoyed the hell outta our date.

    A little background she has young kids and going thru a pretty contested divorce. She has liked a few of my posts on facebook so I'm a little confusef on my approach at this point.

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    Default Re: Texting Game

    Did you kiss on the date? It's not worth having long or deep conversations over text since she is not in front of you and you can't escalate with her. Keep the texts light and playful and use it only to set up logistics for the date.
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