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    Default How to chill her out a bit

    OK. First of all, I was skeptical a few months ago, but lots of the SH!T I read on here actually works. I'm sure whatever girls' use for an HB scale I'd prob be a 6, 7 tops. So thanks glad this stuff is out there.

    Anyway... new girl this past weekend... HB7 first date bar, her place, F closed. Followed by some "mushy" and also some very hot texts from her. 2nd movie at my apartment, obviously f closed, more more of the same...

    The mushy stuff is ok, but I don't want it getting out of hand. I do enjoy her and want to keep her around. Cute chick, great and selfless in the sack. Fun to be around to. I just don't want ONLY her and I also don't want to hurt her feelings.


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    Default Re: How to chill her out a bit

    You need to tell her you will be seeing other women. Don't be afraid to tell her. If she's not ok with it you will know and it won't work out for you two.

    Tell her something like "I think you're awesome but I'm not ready to settle down. I want to have a good time and I'm going to be seeing other women". It's really not hard and I find it amusing that so many guys struggle with this. Tell her the truth, and if she doesn't believe you that's her fault.

    The worst thing you can do is lead her on and see other women. I used to do this when I was young and that's how you hurt a girls feelings. Be upfront about what you want and you avoid this.

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