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    Default How do I weather the remaining months (lease) with ex girlfriend

    I have F-Closed five girls since my breakup. But I still live with my ex...until April or May. That is when my friend moves in.

    I have brought one girl home when she wasn't around...that was last week...that was the first step for me at least. Then I brought another girl around when she was around...lets just say she flipped shit.


    My ex asked me if the guy who's shoulder she was crying on during the final moments of our relationship can come visit in February (month has passed I know) BUT she asked me this only one week after we broke up. I told her no, I don't think that's the right time to ask this question anyway. Okay, so couple months pass and we both don't bring anyone home. I never re addressed the issue about having people over. Then last night happened...I brought a girl home and she flipped shit. Called me an asshole, that I denied her having that guy to stay last month, but I told her she asked me too early for that. I was in no state to answer that then or be okay with it.

    Anyway, she basically tells me and this girl to leave and I do. She owns all the furniture in the house and was going on about that she doesn't want me fucking on any of them, blah blah blah. She really can't handle stress, her aunt recently died, she is going to court to confront the guy that beat her up, and she can't take care of herself. It is really hard for me to feel bad for her when she acts like a child/victim. She's a grown fuck...get your shit together or suck it up. I did address the R.I.P for her auntie though.

    I only leave because I don't want the drama it might have unfold if I said fuck it and took the girl into my room and banged her. She threatened to not pay the remaining rent and to put all the furniture in storage.

    I just took the girl home and just made-out in her driveway and did some foreplay groundwork for next time.

    Funny thing she walks by and asks if I ever had Marcos Pizza...and says they are really good.........

    I'm like, are you freaking kidding me?

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    Default Re: How do I weather the remaining months (lease) with ex girlfriend

    LOL Guess she just had a bad day.. Today she seems reasonable, try to invite that girl back

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    Default Re: How do I weather the remaining months (lease) with ex girlfriend

    Well I'm not sure if you have it better or worse than me. I live with my ex - we broke up a few weeks ago. We still have FIVE months left on our lease together. On the other hand, our breakup is super amicable - we get along pretty well and she's not making any threats for one. She started seeing someone a week or two ago and has hung out with him a couple times. She's wondering if/when I'm going to be okay with her bringing him over. And I'm wondering how I'm going to handle my dating life as well. How do I handle this situation with girls I meet?

    As I see in your case, there are ways around the situation (her place, bring her home when ex isn't around, other location...) And depending on whether it's a girl I'm meeting at a club or online for instance, I don't know if it's to be brought up or avoided altogether until it needs to come up.

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