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    Default How to get woman that likes older men!?

    Hi guys,

    So I have a problem right now: I'm interested in a girl that is her early thirties (I am 2 years younger) but the problem is that she likes older men. Her past boyfriends were 45 and 48 and the "ridiculous" part is that she is very intelligent, has a top job and earns a lot of money, so it is not a money issue!

    When I met her I tried to be funny, to make jokes about her clothes and to start touching hands, arms etc, however when she started to realize that I didn't want to be just her friend she started telling me 'jokes' like "you are too young for me ahahaha", "you are a great friend" and other things like asking my opinion about older guys that were at the street, basically to make me understand that she only sees me as a friend.. so I guess I am at the middle of the friendzone right now.

    I am just wondering how should I behave because I'm feeling stupid with this situation. I guess there must be a way.

    Should I make jokes about her liking older men like telling her "look that bald old men right there (while looking at a fat old man of 50's/60's for example), he is perfect for you go there and meet him!" or saying "You are not going to meet my father, you are dangerous!"

    Should I invite her to have more mature "date" like going to have dinner at a top restaurant and pay the bill like a "real mature man" should do (not..)

    Any ideas?

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    Default Re: How to get woman that likes older men!?

    Yea, looks like you're in the friendzone. If you still want to get with her, it's better to minimize contact with her and keep the conversation at a surface level for awhile. Game other girls, come back with an abundance mentality and invite her out to an event where you have preselection and start over again. Break rapport and escalate. If she says you're too young, break rapport back by saying something like, "Yea, I don't think you can handle the energy, I would keep you up all night..." Don't accept her frame, then transition and talk about something else..
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    Default Re: How to get woman that likes older men!?

    You could always ask her to wing you.
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