When I first met my current girlfriend we would have sex all the time and it was initiated most of the time. I've known her for a few months and we live like 7 hrs away from each other. Now, I'm always initiating it and she doesn't seem as turned on as she used to be. How do I get her to initiate sex more? and how accountable should I hold my girlfriend of 3 months to sending me certain pics of herself. Basically, I was talking to her before work and she said she was going to send me something after work, but she never followed through. It all seems kinda rapey to demand said pics of her, but at the same time I don't want her to think she can just brush me aside. I really fear looking like a massive pushover. I really care about this girl and I don't want her to lose interest in me. Should I just not talk to her for a while, she hung up last night on me when I reminded her about said pictures. She's really my first girl ive ever really dated