Hey guys, I am new here and I am looking for some advice.

I met this girl at a bar about a month ago, we really hit it off! We kissed that night. I followed up with her about 4 days later, we texted for a short while to build some rapport. I asked her out and we had a great first date. After the date, we continued to text...she at one point texted me "are we going to see each other again". We went on a second date and had a great time and we kissed. This same pattern continued onto the third date. We texted, she never cancelled, she always made time for me even though she actually has a packed schedule. However the forth date, I started to get stiff because I started liking this girl. However she still had interest afterwards, because she invited me to her friends birthday (mind you this is the second time she invited me to meet up with her and her friends, but i didn't the first time in order to be more of a challenge). I told her that I didn't know if I can make it out to the party (again challenge) but would like to see her this week. We teased a bit, she gladly accepted and we went to the movies (her idea, she was tired. I gave her the option of rescheduling, but she wanted to go). The date went horrible. I was late, I couldn't maintain the conversation after the movie, just awkward. Like I think hall of fame worthy awkward. I think it is worth noting that I consider myself a person with pretty good social intelligence...so I do not think I am exaggerating too much. Afterwards, I texted her thanking her for buying the tickets. She replied some what cold. I later asked her about her plans for her friends birthday. She replied that she doesn't know the details but will let me know. I did not text back, but neither did she. We have not texted in 3 days now. What should I do?