Does anyone have a solid first date guide?

My sticking point at the moment is that I am consistently losing the girl after the first date and seriously I cannot figure out what it is!

Typically my dates seem to go really well - conversation flows, laughing bit of banter getting to know each other conversation (I have pretty good conversation and it's rare that I ask interview style questions).

I never get nervous as I am pretty much very confident before every day I go on and so far I have never experienced a date where I feel I did not get on with the girl or that we didn't have good rapport.

I'm an easy going guy - I can make fun of myself I can laugh at any banter that comes my way and I always banter and make them laugh. If you can picture pretty much a fun date between two people that's pretty much how I feel all of my dates go.

The only thing I am struggling with at the moment is Kino - which I know I need to improve but surely Kino is just one small part of the jigsaw and if I am ticking every other box surely I should be getting success more consistently.

What's generally happening is that when the dates ends we say goodbye I always seem to come away feeling that it went well and that she likes me - then I usually fire a text a few hours later or the next day I always get a a reply maybe 2 or 3 texts and then.....BANG......n othing

Absolute total freeze out or flake or whatever you wanna call it......nothing!

I'm not a needy guy so I just leave it maybe a few more days or a week ping a another little text something funny (I rarely text "how are you?") like some call back humour from our date or something......but nothing.

This happened to me again at the weekend - great date went well, the only kino was a kiss on the cheek and a hug when we met and then the same when we parted. On the date i was telling her a funny story about when i went shopping and generally how terrible guys are compared to girls at shopping how girls always take shit back if it don't look right where as guys don't i told her a funny story of a classic case where i got a pair of shoes with odd size's etc etc it was funny she laughed and I told her she should take me shopping she said she definitely would, so I am thinking boom there's a second date opportunity.

I did pay for the meal but honestly I only did because I thought the date went well and to be fair it wasn't that expensive so I don't think that's AFC behaviour - I judged the scenario felt it was cool to do so and made that decision even though she offered - I would say that's the Alpha thing to do.

Not heard back from her since I text her on saturday night and I really am trying to figure out, apart from the kino what the hell I did wrong!??

Anyone one have any ideas? or maybe a checklist of the things you have to do on a first date so I can try and pin point something I have missed?

The only thing I keep thinking is maybe I need to be more of an arsehole - but honestly my persona is that of a fun, playful easy going guy, I tease her and I don't just sit there nodding and agreeing with her, I have strong opinions and I am not afraid to disagree so I am not sitting there just trying to please them all the time.

Is this just a case of you can't win them all no matter what you do? but this seems to happen to me a lot so I am struggling to think that's not the case......I am a strong minded confident guy and I can move on to the next one if she isn't interested b and be unaffected but because this is happening a lot I am starting to think maybe it's something I am doing but I cannot identify it!

Anyone have a similar problem? Does anyone get 100% success after a second date and please fucking tell me what you are doing differently to me!!??

Or anyone that can offer me advice in how to improve or pinpoint where I am fucking up?