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    Default Dont understand why she went from really into me, to ignoring me.

    Matched this girl on tinder. Started talking, i wasnt really attracted to her looks, or her social life or activities, but figured id give it a shot as i like all the experience i can get. Went out to a restuarant for our first date, she was really into me, giggled at everything i said, experessed that she would really like to see me again, and we set up a date for dinner and wine at her place a week after the date. 3 hours after the first date she texted me "sorry, im breaking the 3-day rule, but i really had a good time with you and wanted to thank you for dinner and company". We texted a little back and forth and exchanged snapchat during the days till our second date. She wrote stuff like "you should have been here now, this view is crazy" and "im so looking forward to see you again"

    So our second date comes along, I cook her a great chicken dinner at her place. We have wine, watch a movie and she cuddle up on me the whole time. Still really feeling she is more into me than I am. At around midnight we go to bed, end up having sex, sleeping and sex in the morning again. Still feels like she is really into me. We have breakfast and I got to leave as im going with my family to our family cabin for easter. Kinda akward goodbye as she goes for a hug and me for a kiss, but else from that the nothing weird happening on the date. Gut feeling is that this was going good. At the cabin i decide to text her. Its then like 6 hours since we saw each other and I text her "my turn to break the 3-day-rule, had a really nice 2nd date with you, chicken and your princess-stuff" (internal joke between us about her being a spoiled princess). she replied the next day "hehe, yeah it was nice have fun at the cabin with beer and mountaineering!". I sent maybe 4 snaps trough easter but she only sent one, allthough she uploaded quite a few to mystory, so i just figured she had a good time and didnt think about it.

    Back home sunday night i write her "Hope you had a nice vacation. You know i still got another week off and i need to head to your town this week to pick up some stuff for my new appartment at IKEA, we should do something then?". Been two days now since and she havent responded to my message. I tried to send a cassual snap today and she havent even opened it, been 7 hours, and I can see her snap score change, so she is obviously active on snap. Really dont get why I'm being ignored, and it bothers me. This is not a case of oneitis or a girl i need to see again, but for my own personal "growth" I'd at least would like to know what i did wrong.

    A few things i can think of, but dont know if its enough to scare a girl away like that:
    1)Ive gained a little weight since my pictures on tinder, six pack is gone and Ive got a small pot belly, still muscular etc though, and it will all be back for the summer. She saw me in real life on the first date so i dont think that can be the reason. (allthough you cant really see that i gained weight tru my tshirt).

    2)Ive fooled around with her best friend. Totally random, i met her best friend that live an hour from me on a trip a year ago and we fooled around and been keeping contact casually flirting since then. Random that i met this girl on tinder now and i didnt know they were best friends till i saw her commenting on the other girls post on facebook.

    3)I was kinda dominating in bed and even went for anal, but she stopped me. Done this with girls before and it didnt seem to bother them. Think this might have scared her? we did have sex the morning after non the less, and she initated it then.

    4)For me the sex wasnt really good, she was kinda akward in positions etc. She kept saying stuff like "omg, im so wet" or "you make me so horny", so i guess she liked it. I didnt even come, and we stopped cause her legs got tired.

    5)I believe i might be the first guy she have sex with since her Ex like 12 months ago, so maybe some kinda late rebound?

    6)In general it dont take much for me to feel relaxed with women, so i can easily be cuddly etc fast. Could this be too much?

    Thinking of sending this message to her tomorrow evening if i dont hear from her again:

    "Had a good time with you, and had the feeling it was mutual. I just might be bad at "taking a hint" or just be misunderstanding something here, but I'd find it fair of you to tell me in that case By no means do i want to stress anything here, and if youre not interested or feel like seeing each other again, then thats fine, just tell me and we dont need to do this"

    Trying to figure out a girl is like having a bad case of OCD

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    Default Re: Dont understand why she went from really into me, to ignoring me.

    Whatever you do DON'T SEND THAT MESSAGE ..... and you didn't do anything wrong and you are over thinking things, ..... whatever issues there might be are hers ..... I wouldn't talk to her unless she contacts you first
    "The purpose of our lives is to be happy" - his Holiness the Dalai Llama of Tibet

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