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    Default Need help with insecure girl, not sure wtf to do

    So I've known the girl for a month. We went on 2 dates, kissed and cuddled on both dates. Then all of a sudden she completely ignored me for 2 weeks. I bumped into her on college campus. We ended up having a really long talk. She gave me some really bullshit excuse along the lines of:

    "It's not you, it's me. I have a lot of psychological issues and I find it hard to trust people."
    "You're too good for me"
    "I don't just ignore you, I ignore everyone else in my life"
    "I lock myself out and say fuck the world"
    "I'm just really not ready YET"

    etc etc etc, just a long list of reasons. I asked her to tell me truthfully, "Do you even like me?" She said yes she really does (i think is horse shit because if she did really like me, her insecurities wouldn't matter). She said if I want this to work then I have to be really patient.

    So now I have 2 choices. Either TRUST her and be patient or DROP her and move on to another girl.
    Can I get some opinions PLEASE?

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    Default Re: Need help with insecure girl, not sure wtf to do

    "i think is horse shit because if she did really like me, her insecurities wouldn't matter" , you're not right. Sometimes, people are like this. To wait for her or not to wait for her? I would say not because I'm pretty sure she's not that awesome. Do you really want to be part of this whole mess? You can still text her now and again and hook up at parties, but that's about it.
    "The world will never change much less become what you want it to be. The only thing that can change is you. Face your fears, grow stronger and become what you want to be."

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    Default Re: Need help with insecure girl, not sure wtf to do

    She has problems. serious problems. I also like an insecure girl, But... we have nothing to do Bro.

    She feels attracted. But she is unsure of herself. I'm sure she also says things like, "I'm cold, fuck the world, fuck the school, fuck everyone"

    I'm dealing with the same type of girl. You can try to gain their trust, spend time and have fun With Her. , you can scale with kino also.

    This will not be quick. This takes time, months or years. (in my case eight months) because is an internal problem of the girl.

    Forget her and continue your way....

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    Default Re: Need help with insecure girl, not sure wtf to do

    I'd view the 2 week period that she ignored me as bad behavior and I wouldn't have given into her for a "long talk" straight away if I'm honest.

    I'm not saying be a dick, I would have acknowledged her but I prob wouldn't have given her much of my time, maybe stopped to say hi then said something like "look I've gotta go but I will speak to you later" and just left, not called her and not text her.

    I get the impression it's been you who has been doing most of the chasing, maybe you are coming across way too keen and she see's you as the easy option - she says jump you say how high, she can drop you and pick you up whenever she wants, whenever she needs to feel like SHE needs you - it's an act of selfishness.

    I think you shouldn't have given up your precious time to her after she blanked you for 2 weeks so easily - if you had been too busy to talk to her it might have smacked her in the face and made her think - whoa!! I was not expecting that!

    I dated a highly insecure girl for 18 months - she was a super hot, for 3 months it was awesome! for 15 months it was hell! - girls at the best of times are attention seekers, insecure girls are addicted to attention and fucking crazy, for 15 months I was a total chump and I succumbed to her needs to keep her happy at the expense of my own happiness - i nearly lost friends because I felt guilty not spending time with her and she made me feel guilty for not spending time with her.

    A friend of mine told me "looks don't last forever" and i thought, shit can i really be with this girl or am i just obsessed by the way she looks in a bikini - i discovered i was with her because of the bikini and not because of the way she treated me - it was all about her and i came second in the relationship - she had all the power.

    I ended it - best thing I ever did and vowed never to give in to that again.

    This girl in my opinion has some major self esteem issues and to be honest you can spend your life trying to feed her self esteem but it will always crave more and more attention and it will suck the life out of you dude - totally not worth it in my opinion.

    every single quote that she said to you is allllll about HER! nothing about you - for example "You're way too good for me" she's basically trying to get you to say "no way, you are amazing, i can't believe you even talk to me, i think about you all the time, all i want is you and nothing else" - her comment is all about her she wants you to feed her self esteem.

    trust me I've been that chump - I've said that shit to a girl, i totally gave up my dignity and I'm so glad i learnt from that and it's made me way stronger - I don't take shit from people like that anymore.

    I don't think you should have asked her "Do you even like me?" honestly I just get this vision of a guy on his knees begging - I'm not trying to diss you dude I am just trying to say to you that you need to be much stronger and in my opinion she is messing you about and you don't deserve that shit.

    1 month in and she's given you an ultimatum? who does this girl think she is FFS -

    YOU'VE gotta be patient?? so she's saying it's you who has to do something to make this work, you are the one who has to sit around waiting for HER, yet she is the one with the problems - surely she should be saying - i really like you (that's if she did) I am gonna do everything I can to get my head straight cause I really like you and I want to see where this goes.

    Mate the last quote for me sums it up - "I'm just really not that ready yet"

    In my opinion I'd drop it mate - tell her you are not prepared to sit around and wait for her - if she want's to be with you then tell her she needs to start showing it because she really seems to be playing you and you are falling for it.

    In my opinion - freeze her out, don't text her, don't call her don't hang out with her - if you see her say hi don't be a dick but just cut the interaction short - always be the one who's got somewhere to go - be warned you do this she will likely come chasing, take that attention away from her and she will want it back - that's where you may have to be really strong!

    Go and meet some new fun girls that don't have issues - you should always choose people (friends and girls you wanna date) who add good positive vibes and feelings into your life and don't hang with those that bring those feelings down.

    I don't mean to sound harsh I just like to tell it how I see it - no point beating around the bush.

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