So I had a one night stand with this chick, she told me that she had a long term ex that didn't work out blah blah. I banged her the second week. Ok, ever since then I have sent texts that I consider pings, or just keeping on her radar. She flaked on me last Sunday to go to the dog park. I said okay. Tonight I texted her and I got a call. I was grinning because I was like, "oh yeah, direct is best". Next thing you know I hear some dudes voice asking who am I, I am like hmm wrong number in my head, I just's me, who are you.

He then gets aggressive and asks me if I am looking for Lucy, who is this. I am like who wants to know. Then he gets a little ghetto on me and says "it's her husband nigga, don't call this number again or I will find out who you are".

Boom. I didn't know. So I just say mhm, and hang up. Man tried to call again, but I am not about that life...especially if I didn't know what was up, if it were true. So, putting that one away for now.

Is this situation avoidable for the future? Or was this some fucker fucking with me.