So I have a situation with a girl.

The girl is a HB10. And also a very close friend.

Basically she has given me allot of IOI's and I'm assuming attraction overall. So I am not gonna talk much about that.

However, I was planing to kiss close her at a party and i was drunk and she was drunk. I take her outside, push against her against the wall. Hold her hands. She doesn't reject kino. I tell her that my ex was more nice than her ( I know she gets extremely jaloux when i mentoin her, so i only did it to power things up)

She reacts extreme. Kino is aborted and that I was holding her too hard. (idk if thats the case, hence i was drunk af). So after her extreme reaction. I walk away from her. And I dont see her to talk to her for the next 1-2 hours of that party.

Next time I see her, we cuddle. But she runs away to her friend and I was again unable to K-close.

I leave the party and go to another club. I see one of her friends which also appears to be one of mine friends and she called the HB10 on the phone and told her that I had said she went home.

She reacts by saying " Yeah HE WAS SO WIERD tonight. I haven't even talked to him"
I heard it, because she was on loud speakers.

So me and her friend meet the hB10 again. I immiedatly grab her hand and walk with her and we talked and she told me that she had cheek kissed one of my friends and then he had attempted to kiss her and She rejected him. Upon rejecting him he became angry.

HB10 states frustiation over why boys give up so fast on a girl and find another.

She puts her head on my chest and we find peace. But I was unable to kiss close at this point, because she once again runs over to her friends.

WE hit the club. WE dance together. And I eventually tell her to get a drink with me and once again, she runs over to her friends. This time, I get angry. As a Man i cannot tolerate this behaivour. I walk out of the room and she runs over to me like it was a racing competition and asked me if I was angry. I state No. And walk out of the party. Before I leave i see her looking down the floor and holding her eyes with her hands like she was crying and one of her friends was talking to her. Her friend also runs over to me and ask if I am angry and I state No and leave for another party with my male friends.

Thing is, i really want to kiss close this girl. She is a hb10 and she is obv. interested. But it keeps getting complicated for me each time. I have asked her out, but she tells me she wants to do it sometime in May. But i dont wanna wait so long for her.

I texted her today and it went like this
Me: "Jessica?"
Her: "Yes, John?"

What to do? I am considering to ignore her for a very very long time and find some other women in the meanwhile and then come back to her.