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    Default How do I deal with flakes?

    I'm still a newbie and I was wondering how do I deal with flakes. Doesn't matter if the flakes are on purpose or not. For example, I called up this girl to meet up for some ice cream, but she had to get ready for work (she's not lying about it). So that flake wasn't on purpose. How do I deal with that and also how do I deal with REAL flakes?

    I don't want to hit up my girls a second time looking like a needy guy. For example,

    me: you down for ice cream?
    her: no, I have to blah blah blah
    *next day*
    me: hey you down for blah blah?
    her: No I have something to do
    *next day*
    me: hey, I'm gonna meet up with a friend at _______ you wanna join?
    her: blah blah

    You see the pattern? how do I avoid that? I had some feedback and people have told me to work on my texting game. I really hate texting game. If I really do have to learn it anyone have a good guide stickied on this forum?

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    Default Re: How do I deal with flakes?

    Check this out, T-Mal is the man when it comes to text game
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    Default Re: How do I deal with flakes?

    How do you deal with flakes? Pour some milk on them and add a little sugar.

    Seriously, you need to slow down. Screen logistics. In other words, before you even ask her out, you should know what her calendar looks like, what the best days are, what plans she has already, etc. Now if a girl is really busy and into you, then you ask her to name a few days and times when she's free and you simply pick the one that works best for you. Or if she's more flexible, then you name a few days and times that you're free and tell her to pick the one that works for her.

    Back in November, all of my prime weekend slots were filled up through February. No joke. It wasn't all dates, of course. A lot of it was things I was doing with friends and whatnot. But the point is, it wasn't very easy to make plans with me and I'd often wind up meeting up with a girl for lunch on a Wednesday afternoon because it was the only time that we could meet.
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