i've read david deangelos double your dating, Richard la ruina's blog, and vince slaters get the girls, and too be honest, i've enjoyed vinces book most, eventhough his pretty unknown in this pua world. It's only about 70 pages but it covers everything exept phone game. It's really well written with a lot of examples, and it doesn't have excessive and irrelevant info. i'll cover more about it in my upcoming review bout the books and online info i've read, but i give it 4,5/5. Davids books was good too, it was my first book i read and it gave me a lot of confidence, but i hate irrelevant info that's only there to fill pages, so i give davids book 3,5/5. Richards blog is pretty good, a lot of straight to the point info, but it often remains vague and unclear, especially if youre a beginner, so 4/5. the thing about books and info is that you cn never get too much from it. the more you know, the better