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    Default PUA books i've read: review

    Hye there, so i've always been a fan of pua books, i love reading them and they've definitely helped me out in the past. Now i've read david deangelos book double your dating, bobby rios make small talk sexy, i read richard la ruinas blog, and recently i read vince slaters get the girls book. i'm gonna talk about them a little bit so if you're interested in getting one of these you'll have a better idea of what's best for you.

    David D's book was pretty good, he explained a lot of his theories with examples, but he sometimes went over the top, i.e. he talked and talked and talked, and basically kept repeating himself. this is something i really dislike, cause i love my pua books short but sweet. Anyways, pretty good like i said, he gives tonnes of openers and follow up stories, basically a collection of openners from famous and unknown puas from all over the world, but 90% of them are unoriginal and sometimes plain stupid. i give it 3/5.

    Bobby rio is someone i haven't heared from in a long time, but you can still find his book online. It's fine i guess, but a lot of stuff doesn't make sense. he gives you openers that wouldn't even work on hookers; most is just too good to be true, and i've learned from personal experience that that shit doesn't work. Even still, a lot of stuff is great, especially the methods on how to turn small talk in something great. A lot of new pua's use his techniques, maybe even without them realising. i give it 2,5/5

    Richards blog is great because it's straight to the point, and it's free. But, because it's free, most (if not all) of his stuff remains very vague and undetailed. He tells you to do stuff but he doesn't explain why, so you're basically a puppet that's controled by him. I'd say check it out, it's free and you'll definitely learn something, but if you're interested in a great, cheap read, i'd suggest getting vince slaters get the girls book.

    Vince slaters book is the first book that almost completely satisfied me. It's well written, funny, tonnes of examples and it's got a lot of creative and original openers with great follow up stories, and a basic plan on how to get girls in pretty much every possible situation (something i've been looking for fro the past years). I've given this book to one of my friends who pretty much never gets laid, and the first day of readin it he got a number from a girl on the street. It really works, and unlike most stuff it doesn't make you look like a jackass. The only things missing from it are text game and last minute rejection, but most of his stuff can be applied to every possible context you're in so that makes up for it. i give it 4,5/5.

    that's it guys, i'd love to hear from you about new books i should read cause i'm always looking out for new pua books

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    Default Re: PUA books i've read: review

    You should go out and stop reading. It will teach you more than reading a stupid book written by a marketer who doesn't know how to get girls to save his life who stole all his info from old school pimps and a cute boy looking dude who hires models from an agency I know to look cool

    Why not write your own book based on your real life experiences. And post your progress here. I think it is cheaper and more rewarding.


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